Have you  ever  participated  in  a  weight  loss  programme?  You  may  well  have found like so many others that the diet that you embarked upon, coupled with  an exercise regimen, worked for you and indeed you did lose your weight. You  may have even attained your new goal weight. But did it last? If you are honest,  the answer is probably NO. 
Statistics in the United States of America indicate  that  most  people  who  embark  on  a  weight  loss  programme  tend  to  weigh  approximately  one  kilogram  (2.2  pounds)  more  than  they  did  when  they  started  the  programme  two  years  previously!  Now  that  is  not  to  suggest  that  the  diets  and  exercise  programmes  do  not  work.  Most  of  them  do.
However,  it is the power of your mind that comes into the picture. Where your weight  loss programme is being governed by only the left brain, with your right brain  being allowed to imagine and emotionalise things to eat or do which do not  support  your  diet  and  worse  still,  if  your  right  brain  is  associating  pain  with  the action steps that you are taking to lose that weight, sooner or later the right brain will overpower the left brain and you will revert to your previous habits.
The danger then is that you may never again embark on a plan to achieve your  goals  because  you  do  not  believe  you  have  the  capability.  Now  this  same tendency  applies  in  the  pursuit  of  whatever  other  goals  we  may  have  set  for ourselves in our lives. So the key to achieving consistent results in our lives is to  get  our  right  and  left  brains  working  together  for  the  common  goal.  
This pre-supposes that effective personal development training must include exercises and activities which are related to the development of the right brain as well as  interaction  between  both  the  right  and  left  brains  so  as  to  achieve  the desired  congruency  and  progressively  build  new  goal  directed  behavioural habits. 

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